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Why The Cloud?

Why offer a cloud hosted solution? The biggest reason is the simplest: costs. In order to stay competitive, companies are reducing capital expenditure and operating costs in every area – including IT departments, which now have the added pressure to be more efficient and cost effective than ever.

One way to accomplish this is to migrate away from expensive physical servers as possible through hardware virtualization.

Now, virtualization through the cloud offers the same operating efficiencies and cost savings for software, as well – including removing the overhead costs associated with managing the software.

Welcome to cloud computing, the perfect fit for today’s new business environment.

Mobile Collaboration Service

ConnectUNow's Mobile Collaboration Service (MCS) allows you to get the word out with a simple and efficient way, Text messaging.

  • Send promotions, newsletters, coupons, etc. with our easy to use interface.
  • Send special deals to keep your customers coming back and generate new business using your own custom keywords.
  • Use social publishing like Facebook and Twitter to it's fullest potential by, create your own online distribution lists.

It's easy and simple to use, here is how: Create a unique keyword for your customers to send a text message in order to join your distribution list. The customer will receive an automated text response verifying their choice to subscribe. A customer has now authorize the subscription and has now "Opted" in. This process is fully automated and you do nothing while your subscriber base grows.

Notification Services

ConnectUNow’s Notification System (CNS) gives you the power to deliver important messages and notifications to your defined audience via voice and text messages from anywhere using any device. Stay connected using our intuitive and simple to use cloud hosted system without purchasing or downloading any special hardware or software.

Our powerful CNS tool allows you to take data, such as customer information or employee data in variety of formats to send out your message. In addition, you never have to worry about the accuracy of your input data as the CNS will constantly validate the data to make sure that when you need to send out a notification it will go out correctly.

The CNS works both domestically and internationally, so you can send a notification to your user anywhere in the world in an instant via a number of communication devices such as Pc's, tablets and smartphones.